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Monday, January 21, 2008

Amazing Connections... 1 Degree of separation!

Amazing connections today.. Simply amazing!

We hosted a housewarming party for some wonderful clients. Marianne was referred to me by her sister Judy who bought a home from us 10 years ago.

We drove Judy around for several days showing her the neighborhood... That's when I decided to set up a neighborhood web site.

The inspiration for berkeleyhomes.com

We brought coffee from Peet's on Solano Avenue. At Peet's, I bumped into Ted. About 15 years ago Ted, who knew I was interested in the Internet... so called me up. He said "I've something you might be interested in"

That was the very first time I saw the world web web!

Marianne's daughter had a friend visiting from Portland. Turns out that we'd sold her friend's parents' home at 819 Miramar 15 years ago.

And that was the very first home I marketed on the internet!

Had some very interesting conversations, including one neighbor who's a chemist. I mentioned Albert, who lives two doors from us. Albert helped discover more elements than any other humanoid in the Universe. That led to a conversation about Glenn Seaborg.

And I mentioned that I was particularly interested in J Robert Oppenheimer.

Dave had lived in Oppenheimer's home in Kensington!

I asked if he had any stories, and he told me about finding the wiretip wires in the attic.

What an amazing number of connections in one day!

How many degrees of separation are you?

Ira & Carol