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Friday, December 15, 2006

Puddy Max Sightings

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have called with Puddy Max sightings.

We've checked out every one... and there are a lot of cats who look a lot like Puddy Max.. so the sightings are great and really accurate. Puddy Max's distinquishing characteristics are a bushy tail which often stands upright, and hind legs with golden paws. Many tabby cats have thin tails rather than bushy ones.... and the Maine Coon we saw at Portland and Neilson looked a lot like her.. but without the golden hind leg paws.

There are several which still are excellent leads... and we continue to check them

San Lorenzo and Santa Rosa (there's a creek between San Lorenzo and Capistrano)

The Alameda and Solano

Peralta at Solano.. just around the corner from 7-11

Solano and Key Route - behind the Pre-Pre Cafe

Thank you for all your kind words... we're working hard to bring Puddy Max home.

Her sister Poudini misses her, and so do we!

Ira & Carol

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Puddy Max is Still Missing ... Spotted in Thousand Oaks and Albany

Puddy Max Still Missing

Her sister Poudini misses her, and so do we! If you have a spotting, please try to bring her inside (she's gentle, may squirm a bit) and call us anytime!
  • 510-684-7161 Cell Carol
  • 510-684-3334 Cell Ira
  • 510-526-6668

We've had recent sightings of a cat matching Puddy Max's description in Albany, so our are deploying the open house signs with her "mug shot" to the area bounded by Solano, Portland, Key Route, and Santa Fe.

Does anyone know if lost animals are more likely to move downhill rather than uphill? Albany is slightly lower elevation than our home.

I've mapped the following sitings ... Puddy Max (short for Puddy Maximus) because she's a big girl

Most recent siting - by the owners of the PriPri Cafe at 1309 Solano. The nice folks let us leave a food bowl there, I'll be down as soon as the sky gets a bit lighter (it’s now 6:15 am on Saturday morning)

A few days ago, Doug came in and drew a map of a cat seen on Santa Fe, west side of the street, between Washington and Portland. We walked the entire block and dropped off a flyer at every home

And a day earlier a neighbor had a sighting on Neilson between Solano and Washington/San Lorenzo (the Berkeley/Albany border is between Neilson and Curtis, and the street name changes!

We've sent out postcards to everyone in Thousand Oaks

And have posted as many flyers as we can. I printed so many flyers that the color printer wore out and I ordered a new one. We've had some wonderful volunteeers help up post flyers... let me know if you'd like me to drop of a bunch of flyers with you.

I found a great article How To Find A Lost Cat or Dog, and immediately went out to buy a “silent whistle” We're training Poudini to associate good things (food!) with the sound

Please check under your house

She's 8 months old, a cross between Maine Coon Cat and Tabby. Body mostly Tabby; Small patch of golden fur between ears and golden hind legs; Ears have lots of light gray hairs; small tufts of dark hair at tips; Big bushy tail often stands straight up when she walks. Weighs 8.5 lbs but feels heavier.

Black & White reflectorized collar with “Safe Cat” on it. Collar should be labelled with Serkes 510-526-6668

Has a PETtrac microchip embedded between shoulders (most vets/humane centers will be able to read the chip).

PETtrac Chip ID is 098-015-084; it may be 097-847-803

Last seen at Vincente Avenue at Colusa Friday Night 24 Nov at 9 pm