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Saturday, September 02, 2006

We take your privacy and data security seriously

We take extra steps to make sure your confidential information is kept that way!

And one of those steps is to make sure our documents are securely disposed of.. so this morning we brought a half dozen boxes of old files to our Automatic Response Systems, our local shredding company.

Are you getting ready to sell your Kensington home, and want to dispose of old tax records, credit card receipts, or other personal and confidential materials? Ring them up at 800-380-8202. They even make house calls to pick up your documents.

When we built Casita Adela (named after my mother Adele, who died of long life 2 years ago) we loaded up our Community Moving Van and drove dozens of boxes to be terminated, with extreme prejudice down to the shredder.

Are you planning to sell your Berkeley, Albany, Kensington or Rockridge Real Estate? Give us a call, we'll show you how we work. One bonus of having is represent your home sale... our East Bay homes sellers and buyers all use our Community Moving Van for free!

What inspired our latest trip to the shredder?

We needed to make room for a new jungle gym for the kittens!

Well.. it's actually used... from Busy Body Home Fitness Center in Oakland. We went to numerous local fitness stores in our quest to find just the right equipment, and Busy Body had the most knowledgable staff, selection, and the best prices!

Puddy Maximus gives them a 4 Paw rating.


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