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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Coming to a theater near you!

Worked hard this week, so Friday night was time for a movie! First checked out what's playing at the local Oaks and Albany Theaters (Wordplay sounds like fun.. but not just yet).. and then we saw Mission: Impossible III was at the Parkway Speakeasy Theater!

Never been there? You're in for a treat! Buy your Pizza, Beer, Popcorn (the basic food groups), stroll into the theater, and select your own personal couch and sidetable. It makes for a very comfortable night... take your shoes off, put them up on the sofa, and enjoy yourself! Like home.. only the screen the Egyptian Motif theater is huge! Have infants... then stop by Monday Nights for Baby Night..."Crying Babies At The Movies"

Coming to a theater near you? That's right. The same folks who host the Parkway Speakeasy Theater will be operating El Cerrito's Art Deco Suprise.. the Cerrito Theater!

Consider buying an El Cerrito home! You'll get a lot of home for your money. Here's what's for sale in El Cerrito this very moment.


At 1:43 PM, Blogger lammalo said...

You always write interesting things, and it's a pleasure to skim your blog, Ira. Lamma lo?

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Mommy2yanceyquinn said...

I love, love, love this place. We never got to take our baby there because we moved out of state when she was 3 months old. But when my husband and I were dating we used to kickit at the Parkway all the time. The best thing was having the beer or the pear pale ale with the pizza and sitting on the couch to watch a movie - the best. Only in Oakland would you find something unique and as awesome as the Parkway.

At 12:30 PM, Blogger workhard said...

WOW.. that seems more than just a theatre..

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