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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kevin Lockey is the man I trust my Mac Support to!

Kevin Lockey is the man I trust my Mac Support to!

Not only has he been a neighbor (he grew up on our street) but he's the smartest tech support guy I know.

And Kevin makes house calls. Really!

I've been a mac user for about 20 years... and started at a time when everyone told me to get a "real computer" But I've had real computers (I installed Digital Equipment PDP 11/34, 11/44, 11/70 for Chevron and did my M.S.Ch.E. research on a PDP 8, programming in Octal)

So.. I knew I didn't want a real computer.

I wanted a tool which let me get the job done.

But there are times when I get stumped - usually when setting up arcane router settings, or when I want to upgrade the memory, or try to add a printer to the few windows computers we have (which are now all shut down because we're using VMWare Fusion to run windows on our Intel Macs).

And Kevin is the "go to" guy

Or rather "come to us" guy.

I know he travels all over the SF Bay Area (he configured a new computer for seller clients of ours who moved to Mill Valley).. and we have the extra fringe benefit of living 4 houses from his parents.. but when you need someone to trust with your mac... Kevin Lockey is the man!

Here's the link to Kevin's new web site

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