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Monday, February 18, 2008

Berkeley... someone wrote something nice about the city!

David L. Kirp wrote an interesting Open Forum article, Semper fi, Berkeley, in today's San Francisco Chronicle.

In it, he talks about Berkeley programs such as the one which encourages solar electric (photovoltaic cell) by having the city provide the upfront costs and get paid over a 20 year property tax assessment.

Our 24 panel PV System... with battery backup
We're proud to have been part of the solution for years

Berkeley has an active community preparedness program. I've taken several classes and highly recommend them.

Being Berkeley, there will be lots of comments upon the article - both pro and con - but I recommend reading it for yourself!


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At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Lakefront Property Georgia said...

What a creative way for people to begin to go "green" I think this is wonderful idea for those who want this option but not the income to buy out right.

I hope we see more of this being implented in the US.

Being prepared for any disaster has become a realty for everyone. I never thought much about it growing up in the North but living in the South I have learned what to do and what to have in a natural disaster like a hurricane.

I think people should attend lecture and the Public Info Commercial TV site should show list of what people nee.

Water and food for 3-5 days. Meds and list of meds. Insurance papers and list and pictures of household items in plastic bag. A plan of who to call out of state to verify your okay if family get seperated. First aid kits, battery radio and flash lights, propane gas tanks and grills to cook. Have large tarps and nails and wood on supply. Protect your home with hurricane shutters. Gas your cars up with gas prior to and money from ATM that will not be working after storm. Bug spray a must and evacuate when they tell you to. Not thousands of miles but maybe hundreds of miles.


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