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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Walking The Streets Of Berkeley!

I happened across an interesting blog today.... Walking Berkeley by Jen who decided to walk all the streets of Berkeley.

The "About" section says "In 2004, I moved to Berkeley, California. In 2005 I set a goal of walking every street, path, and stairway in my new town. I hope to finish by the end of 2006, but am not rushing the journey. This blog highlights some of the interesting things I have found along the way, as well as others who are doing similar walks"

And it really is interesting to read the comments and see the photos!

Coincidentally, Carol and I were talking with one a buyer who first started corresponding with us when they lived in London. He asked about a home for sale in the Berkeley Hills, and I said "that's near Vermont, which is near Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, and Maryland.

Which got me talking about all the different street name in the area!

The Berkeley Historical Society has published a book Quick Index to the Origin of Berkeley’s Names by John Aronovici, but here's a quick review of some of interesting groupings around town.

There are California Counties - Madera, Sierra, Marin, Contra Costa, The Alameda (sort of), Solano...

And Poets - Bryon, Chaucer, Poe, and Browning

Presidents in Albany.. Washington, Pierce, Adams, Madison, Fillmore...

Old England in Kensington... Stratford meets Avon, Coventry, Camelot, Lexington...

And though Kensington doesn't have any colleges... it has College Streets! Purdue, Kenyon, Cambridge, Columbia...

So.. enjoy your peramulations around the East Bay! Just one of the reason I love living here!


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