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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Talking From The Heart

My friend Lois Cox, a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) from Pleasanton recommended me to speak at her local Woman's Council of Realtors (WCR) meeting.

So.. I hopped in my car and took my favorite route to Dublin (California, that is). Up Marin Avenue, through the Circle, into 1st Gear and up Marin Hill to Grizzly Peak Blvd.. then right on Grizzly Peak to Fish Ranch Road... and down the hill to Highway 24.

It's always a spectacular drive.. and this morning was a delight. Here's the view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge with the Farallon Islands behind the North Tower (right side) in the hazy distance.

It's always a delightful drive!

The talk went really well... I was able to get in reference to "Young Frankenstein", the Regret Minimization Framework, and Multivariable Regression Analysis.

The analysis? It's because I hired a statistician to research 7 years of Berkeley home sales. After extensive research and number crunching, she got back to me with the results.

Precisely 100% of the closed real estate transactions involved a buyer!

So, armed with the data I needed, I was able to precisely answer the question "Do we work with Buyers or Sellers"

The answer?


On the way back from the WCR meeting, I drove by the Lafayette Crosses.

I was expecting a few dozen crosses on the side of the road.. and was completely unprepared for the impact of thousands of crosses, stars, and crescents.

The first thing it reminded me of was the Golden Gate National Cemetery where we've attended Memorial Day Services.

We're thankful that others have sacrificed so we can have the freedoms which are sometimes taken for granted.



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